Gearing up for NHIT Week

As an official corporate partner of NHIT Week 2013, we are gearing up for the excitement and awareness of the importance and impact of healthcare IT in today’s world. As such, we’d like to share the many ways you too can become involved in NHIT Week!

1.       Change your profile image. In social media efforts, join the support towards the value of health IT by changing profile pictures during National Health IT Week. Download the image.


2.       Crowdsource the Health IT Value. An official #HITsm chat room makes conversation easy and centralized. Get more details on crowdsourcing here.

3.        Engage with  NHIT Partners. Several Health IT  events occur throughout NHIT Week, many of them are outside of the Capitol area, including:

a.       Transforming Clinical Image Access and Distribution – New York, NY
b.      Better Health: Everyone’s Responsibility – Hartford, CT
c.       Kentucky eHealth Summit – Bowling Green, KY
d.      Summit of the Southeast – Nashville, TN
e.      Ignite Health – Portland, OR

Check out ONC’s new website with events focused on NHIT Week, and View all NHIT Week activities here.

Plus, remember to check out the complete NHIT Week Toolkit.

Week look forward to all of the great buzz and conversation surrounding HIT next week.


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