Throwing it Back to 1995 in Honor of Stoltenberg’s 20 Years

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As Stoltenberg Consulting continues its 20th anniversary celebration, we thought we’d have a little fun looking back to 1995- the year that Sheri Stoltenberg, founder and CEO of Stoltenberg Consulting, Inc., started it all.

Throwback to 1995 when:


  1. The cost of a gallon of regular gas was $1.15.
  2. Starbuck’s Frappuccino was released in 1995. We’re sure a lot of Starbuck’s has helped our consultants through some tough project and go-lives.
  3. The George Forman Lean Mean Grilling Machine was released.
  4. The World Series champions were the Atlanta Braves.
  5. The Super Bowl XXIX champs were the San Francisco 49ers.
  6. The first ever full-length computer animated feature film Toy Story was released.
  7. HTML 2.0, the first formal HTML standard, is published.
  8. Netscape released Javascript, an object-oriented script language.
  9. sold its first book in July of 1995.
  10. Ebay launched.
  11. Windows 95 was released.
  12. DVDs were first distributed in Japan.

As we move forward today, Stoltenberg has grown over the past two decades to a consultant base of more than 120 resources with an average of 15 years of direct, onsite experience and vendor certifications in Cerner, Siemens, Epic, Meditech, NextGen, Allscripts, Zynx and McKesson. The first has served over 250 healthcare organizations throughout the country and has expanded services to Stoltenberg’s unique offerings, like the Consultant Development Program, the 2014 Best in KLAS Help Desk Service Line, financial and clinical optimization, and BI and healthcare data analytics capabilities with Deerwalk, Infor, and Qlik partnerships.

Members of the Stoltenberg team continue to celebrate the anniversary, sharing personal thoughts on the company’s 20 years of service:

“It has been great to be part of the Stoltenberg family for the last eight years. It is a great feeling to know you work for such a wonderful company that treats you as a family member instead of a number.” -Deb, EpicCare Ambulatory Manager

“Sheri Stoltenberg founded this company because she saw the need for a consulting firm that worked differently. If a customer needs a customized solution, be flexible and work with them to create it. If a customer needs standardization, use your industry experience and background and deliver it. Her guiding philosophy was simple: Always do what’s right for the customer, and don’t just meet their expectations- exceed them! Those principles will continue to set Stoltenberg apart from other firms, and I’m proud to work for a company that is passionate about what it does and delivers what it promises.” -Jonce’ Smith, VP Revenue Management

“It’s wonderful to be part of an organization that is so well respected in the industry. Wherever I go for client work, Stoltenberg is well respected raising high expectations of me.  It’s an honor to be part of that.” -Carole Kemmer, Senior Healthcare System Consultant

Over the past year that I’ve been with Stoltenberg, I have become very aware of the importance this company places on excellence, whether it is from the resources we sell or the staff managing those resources. The fact that we have been around and thriving for 20 years means that our clients value us and our services. They see something in us that sets us apart from the rest.  I am proud to be a member of the Stoltenberg team and am excited to see the company continue to grow and prosper in the years to come.” -Christen Gregory, Strategic Account Manager

A Big Thank You for Best in KLAS


Last Thursday, we were thrilled to announce that Stoltenberg Consulting strengthened its legacy of renowned healthcare IT consulting services by earning not one, but two 2014 Best in KLAS awards! (Wahoo!)

In the 2014 Best in KLAS: Software & Services report, KLAS Research awarded Stoltenberg 2014 Best in KLAS for both IT Outsourcing (Partial), which includes Stoltenberg’s legacy support and IT Help Desk Service Line, and Clinical Implementation Supportive with scores of 90.9 and 97.9 out of 100 respectively*.

These accolades would not be possible without your help. We are sincerely thankful for the honest, unbiased feedback our clients provided to KLAS Research, like the following:

“I feel like I can trust Stoltenberg Consulting as if they work for me directly.  I have really come to depend on them. They work around the clock to help our project stay on track and be successful. I am really appreciative of their dedication and follow up. In addition to working with them side by side every day, we also have a monthly tracking call so we can all see where we are and what needs to get taken care of. I find that call to be very productive and helpful.”

-IT Director, December 2014 **


Annual Best in KLAS reports independently monitor vendor performance through the active participation of healthcare executives, managers and clinicians representing over 4,500 hospitals and 2,500 clinics. For a complete view of commentaries related to these services, visit

Thank you again to our clients for their continued support! We’re so pleased to be with you on your journey towards improved patient care and efficiency.

* “2014 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services,” January 2015. © 2015 KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.

** The above selected commentary may not represent the whole of provider sentiment related to this product or service. Visit for a complete view. Collected about IT Outsourcing (Partial), by KLAS in December 2014 © KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.

Consultant Development Program Offers 25% Cost Savings

At Stoltenberg Consulting, we’re excited to celebrate the growth of our unique health IT education initiative the Consultant Development Program. To date, 13 consultants have graduated from the program designed to provide hospitals with first-time certified consultants to alleviate the HIT staffing shortage plaguing the industry. The program continues to deliver cost-effective results to hospital customers with over 25 percent increase in cost savings on IT projects.

“I started this program with minimal experience, but by the end, I had gained certain insights in health IT I may have otherwise only learned through multiple years in the industry,” a recent program graduate said. “From formal vendor training for multiple certifications, to my time taking calls for a university healthcare system with the Stoltenberg Help Desk Service Line, the program greatly prepared me for working and genuinely helping end-users.”

Consultant Development Program graduates gained considerable experience through direct involvement in implementation and optimization projects in hospitals around the country, allowing them to establish expertise in clinical, ambulatory, document management and financial areas. Overall, the Consultant I’s spent more than 2,000 hours in training for projects, nearly 9,000 hours on projects and over 15,000 hours serving the hospital IT help desk service line from Stoltenberg, over the two-year program.

Previous graduates of the Consultant Development Program have become fully active team members, and in some cases, team leads on IT projects within hospitals across the country. Mentoring provided by senior consultants have allowed the Consultant I’s to far exceed expectations normally set for young HIT professionals.

To learn more about the Consultant Development Program, please click here or visit

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Stoltenberg Named KLAS Report Category Leader Two Consecutive Years

Stoltenberg Named KLAS Report Category Leader Two Consecutive Years

KLAS2013CatLeaderWe are extremely proud to announce that Stoltenberg Consulting has been named Category Leader in Staff Augmentation two years in a row for the Best in KLAS Software and Services Report. Stoltenberg was also ranked among the top ten firms in the Clinical Implementation Supportive category for the company’s expertise in Cerner, Epic and Siemens consulting services.

Find out more about the report and rankings here:

We could not have earned this without the dedication of our talented consulting staff, so Stoltenberg leadership extends sincere gratitude to each and every one.

CEO Sheri Stoltenberg is honored as a 2013 Diversity Journal Woman Worth Watching

CEO Sheri Stoltenberg is honored as a 2013 Diversity Journal Woman Worth Watching

Congratulations to CEO Sheri Stoltenberg on being selected as a honoree in the Diversity Journal’s 2013 Women Worth Watching award supplement.

As stated by publisher James R. Rector, “It is important to reflect on what this means: there is an overwhelming desire for business people and companies to not only celebrate diversity and inclusion but to share and pay forward to those following in their footsteps. The women executives featured in the Women Worth Watching feature were all nominated by their peers at their organizations. All the women prepared a personal essay acknowledging who and what contributed to their success and their universal attitude of helping other women in the pipeline.”

Within the issue, Sheri says of her personal business success, “In all honesty, I don’t look at business success in terms of men versus women in the industry. It’s not that I haven’t experienced the many obstacles that other women have, but in my mind, that’s old news. Instead, I focus on how to be the best for my clients and employees in an often-brutal industry….Stay grounded, remain focused, and be able to reinvent your company and self.”

Stoltenberg wishes warm congrats to all of the women honored and thanks its loyal employees and customers for the continued mutually beneficial relationships.

A Win-Win Program

A Win-Win Program

Stoltenberg was recently featured in a HIMSSwire story regarding its involvement in HIT education.

“Stoltenberg gave our students a fantastic opportunity to deal with real business problems and gain experience realizing that they will be held accountable for what they learned and recommended by reporting directly back to a real business and CEO,” says Robert Kleine, associate dean and professor of marketing of the ONU James F. Dicke College of Business Administration. “The projects gave the students a keener expectation of the complexities of today’s business problems and solutions, while showing that businesses like Stoltenberg want to take an active role in growing future business leaders.”

Check out how Stoltenberg provides unique learning experience to college business students through the Junior Consultant Program and Senior Capstone Projects. 

Stoltenberg VP Dan O'Conner mentors a junior consultant
Stoltenberg VP Dan O’Conner mentors a junior consultant